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We serve high-quality ingredients from small Italian producers who directly send us their products. We care in supporting micro-economies that respect the environment, territories, culture, and tradition as well as workers' rights.

Our wines are 100% natural, all coming from different Italian regions. They express all the characteristics of the territories of origin, deriving from culture, tradition, and experience.  The grapes used come from agricultures that are not contaminated by chemical products, meaning the vineyards also create habitats for small creatures. The winemaking process respects the characteristics of the grapes used.

Natural wines are never corrected by non-natural substances and the fermentation always occurs with the yeasts of the grape itself. Fermentation can occur in different recipients: cement, wood, steel, glass, and amphora.

Italy has about 600 autochthonous vineyards, a unique feature in the whole world. Natural wine producers often bring back to cultivation grapes that have ceased to be used for decades, bringing back forgotten smells, colors, and tastes. The love for the environment, cultural traditions, experience, and technical and scientific knowledge are always obtaining better wines, the real nectars of the ancient gods.

Our dishes are made with high-quality products from different Italian regions: Sicilian biodynamic extra virgin olive oil, Senatore Cappelli stone-ground durum wheat pasta, organic mozzarella from Puglia, cold cuts from Castelli Romani, and slow food award-winning cheeses from Abruzzo.


All our products come rigorously from small producers. It is for this reason that our dishes enclose the tastes of the Italian earth, sun, and sea, the heart of the Mediterranean. Our recipes are traditional of each region, village, and family because our culture is a mix of the past cultures left behind through the centuries by different populations: Greeks, Arabs, Spanish, Normans, French, and more.  


This cultural mix, together with the territorial variety, its microclimates, the sun, and the sea has produced hundreds of gastronomic recipes, many of which are known and loved worldwide for their overwhelming tastes.

The Italian cuisine is the queen of the Mediterranean diet, the recipe for longevity. However, we have evolved into a contemporary kitchen that serves mixed flavors. 


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